Administration Forms

All application must be emailed to with all supporting documents within the stipulated date for each request/application.

Manual Course Registration Form

  1. Please fill in the form completely.
  2. Get the Instructor and Academic Advisor approval
  3. Submit the form to the faculty for the registration process
  4. For service courses (PBMSK/ FSTI/ CO-Q), please submit a copy of this form to Centre Office (PBMSK/ FSTI/ CO-Q) first, before go to the Faculty Office for registration process.

BTV Program: Feedback Form

This feedback form is to help us continually improve the BTV program and provide the best possible education to our students. Your feedback is essential to help us identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth within our program. By providing your feedback, you will enable us to make informed decisions about how to improve our program and better meet the needs of our students.