Condusive Ecosystem of the Public Sector


The Public Sector Conducive Ecosystem (EKSA) was introduced from January 2014 as a re-branding initiative of the Public Sector 5S with regard to the need to highlight a quality and conducive workplace to be more relevant to the public departments/agencies in Malaysia. This re-branding step is in line with changes and current requirements to enhance the organization's performance and competitiveness as well as to further promote a creative and innovative culture within public sector departments/agencies.
EKSA has also been practiced in the government and private sectors to create a conducive environment at work and maintain its corporate image. This practice creates a systematic and practical working environment besides being able to reduce inefficiency in terms of time and space. The execution of EKSA on a continuity basis is a change of service delivery method to a more customer-friendly due to the creativity and innovation element imposed.
Apart from that, EKSA also introduced a new evaluation and auditing model that includes the Generic Criteria and Special Criteria which also takes into account the diversity of Government agency premises based on the types of services provided. Previously one-size-fits-all approaches were found to be inadequate to meet the needs of the various Government agencies at this time. Hence, the EKSA assessment has been adjusted according to the audited agency.
Re-branding of 5S Practice
EKSA is the re-branding of 5S Practices that have been adopted in the public sector since 2010. The main component of the EKSA implementation is based on improved 5S Practices. EKSA is not intended to replace the 5S concept, but to improve the 5S elements by supporting the creation of a more conducive environment at work. EKSA added five new elements - corporate image, creativity and innovation, green practice, conducive environment and agency diversity.
EKSA (Practice 5S)
SORT - is isolation and disposal of unnecessary items at work.
SET - equipment is organized neatly in an orderly fashion and easy to retrieve.
SHINE - to ensure the workspace and equipment are clean and can function well.
STANDARDIZE – have a system in managing the workplace
SUSTAIN - is the effort to maintain EKSA practices.
  1.  Enhances the university corporate image and its environment
  2.  Stimulate creativity and innovation based on technology excellence
  3.  Lead the latest initiatives in creating a conducive green environment for sustainable workstyle
  4.  Enhances the corporate image of the university as a leader in delivering more effective service to stakeholders.
EKSA slogan
Conducive environment, effective community
EKSA Policy
Engaging in Public Sustainable Ecosystem Practice (EKSA), Commit to a brilliant work culture through a more conducive environment towards effective community formation.
EKSA philosophy
UMP is committed to practicing productive work culture and conducive environment to ensure a quality, efficient and efficient service system through the ongoing implementation of EKSA