Knowledge & Learning Management System (KALAM) is UMP's online learning platform.  It's introduction is to cater for the new approach to learning that dominates current life styles especially that of younger generation.   The four main features of KALAM are course information, learning materials, learning activities and course assessments. These features are consistent with the need of Blended Learning Mode which was listed as one of the main element in national e-learning agenda. The implementation of KALAM is also guided by the Dasar e-Pembelajaran Negara (DEPAN) formulated by Ministry of Education, Malaysia. KALAM is connected with UMP's Integrated Academic System.  Student and lecturer accessibility to KALAM are concurrent with the course registration module and lecturer's teaching assignment.  The use of KALAM  starts at the beginning of a semester. Students and lecturers may access KALAM's features based on their list of course registration. At the same time, lecturers could upload and update the learning material and information about the course. Throughout the semester, most of the learning's activities that involved students and lecturers are available in KALAM. KALAM is accessible through any browser and also from mobile application (via Moodle mobile application).

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